Wellness and Intimacy CBD Suppositories — Do They Work? 25Apr
By Brandon Manikowski

Wellness and Intimacy CBD Suppositories — Do They Work?

Before you start raising your eyebrows about wellness and intimacy CBD suppositories, hear us out. We bet that suppositories are probably not the first thing you think about when you start researching the best way to consume CBD. Some people get embarrassed or are afraid to talk about them, but at Pacific Roots, we know all the advantages. 

Pacific Roots has several suppository options to meet your needs, from total relaxation to increased pleasure during intimate moments. So whether you’re looking to aid with vaginal dryness, add lubrication, increase sensitivity, or ease discomfort, CBD suppositories might be the best solution you never knew you needed. 

Keep reading as we discuss why you’ll love CBD and what effects you’ll feel when you use them. Ready to start? 

Your Guide To Both Wellness and Intimacy CBD Suppositories

At Pacific Roots, global wellness is our goal. We think it’s essential to have open conversations around sexual health and everything that entails. If you’re dealing with painful sex or have pelvic discomfort, you might consider trying CBD suppositories to bring your body back to a state of wellness. 

Both wellness and intimacy CBD suppositories are meant to relax your vaginal and anal muscles, increase blood flow, and even heighten pleasure. We hope you give you a guide on why you should try them and answer some of your questions. 

Why CBD Suppositories?

Probably the number one reason people turn to CBD suppositories is that they have one of the highest bioavailability percentages. Bioavailability refers to how much CBD will be absorbed in the body and how quickly you will feel the effects. People are used to oral dosing, as it is more convenient, and people are weird about putting things in their most private areas, which is why doctors don’t prescribe all medicine this way. 

Unlike oral medications, nearly 95% of the CBD is absorbed when administered rectally or vaginally with suppositories. In addition, unlike a capsule, this method bypasses the stomach, liver, and intestine, where it will most likely be eliminated. 

Wellness and intimacy suppositories are absorbed fast as they immediately enter the bloodstream through the series of veins, move from the bloodstream to the tissues and cells, and bind to receptors, allowing you to feel the effects faster. Typically the results last several hours, longer if you’ve been using CBD on a daily basis, as it can build up in your system and help you feel better for longer.

Why Use CBD For Intimacy

Several studies suggest that CBD can elevate your mood and help you feel more relaxed, which could be exactly what you need if you suffer from performance anxiety in the bedroom. It can also help you clear your mind so that you can focus and engage in the intimacy of the moment.

Additionally, cannabinoids have been said to decrease the way we feel inflammation, which could ease the discomfort you might feel when performing sexual acts. Taking a suppository before your sexual encounter can treat the area locally and help reduce the tension and discomfort while also promoting muscle relaxation, blood flow, and arousal.

Because of these effects, you’ll likely also experience increased sensitivity to your most sensitive areas, making sex even better. 

How Many CBD Suppositories Should I Take At A Time?

Some forms of CBD are meant to be tweaked from one product to the next, but suppositories are designed to be used one at a time. Therefore, they come pre-measured out in dosages, usually ranging from 10mg to 100mg per suppository. 

Suppositories are a unique product because they are both topical and internal forms of administration. This is because the tissues lining the inside of the rectum and vaginal canal are similar to the tissue that makes up our skin. However, there are also several blood vessels and mucous membranes in the rectum and vaginal canal, making it fast for CBD to get absorbed in the body. 

We recommend using just one suppository at a time as you decide how much CBD is essential. Then, you can always use more as you figure out which dosages are right for you.

Final Thoughts: CBD Wellness and Intimacy Suppositories

Suppositories are an effective and fast-acting way to take CBD. If you’ve been thinking about trying them, we recommend them! Though we’ve highlighted the sexual benefits and discussed how they might be a good idea for those dealing with pelvic discomfort, they are great for general CBD use too. If you want a fast way to relieve stress or aid with sleep, they might be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

We recommend keeping an eye out for ingredients when considering which brand of suppositories to use. Make sure that the base is all-natural and chemical-free. It’s also a good idea to check third-party test results. Some companies will say that their products are full-spectrum but don’t share the results to prove it. The best CBD suppositories are the ones that come from transparent manufacturers. 

At Pacific Roots, we offer the finest pure CBD suppositories manufactured in a certified pharmacy, so you can trust that they will be safe for both rectal and vaginal use. Choose between our Wellness Daily, Wellness Plus, Wellness Vaginal Moisturizer, and Pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a pleasurable experience, want maximum strength benefits, or are new to CBD suppositories, we have the suppositories with CBD to match your personal needs.

Let Pacific Roots help you find the suppositories you need! We’ve got something for everyone — THC Free, high CBD dosages, pleasure suppositories, and even a suppository designed to help with vaginal dryness. Browse through all of your options here and reach out to us if you have any questions. 


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