Wholesale Product To Build Your Business

The CBD industry is growing and growing fast, and consumers of all ages and demographics are seeking it out! Are you looking to add CBD products to your business or add a new CBD line to your shelves? Be part of the unparalleled growth CBD is experiencing. By 2025 experts predict some sectors of the CBD industry will reach the multi-billion dollar mark. Pacific Roots is the brand to give you the opportunity to build your sales and reach the next level of success. We’re here to provide you with the inventory you need, and our CBD products won’t let you down.


Pacific Roots supplies the highest quality CBD products to four major markets: professional healthcare practitioners, adult entertainment retail and CBD retail outlets.

Professional Healthcare Practitioners:

Pacific Roots’ focus is all about health and wellness. Pacific Roots Wellness Line was specifically created for healthcare practitioners. We work with several medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, physical therapists, pharmacists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and other holistic healthcare providers. To support the needs of medical professionals, Pacific Roots has a Medical Director on staff to help oversee our CBD Wellness Line product quality.

CBD Retail Outlets:

Pacific Roots has everything you need in your store. No need to worry about quality with our industry leading CBDTQM guidelines ensuring the best products. We carry the most popular CBD products; CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD muscle cream ,and patches are top sellers in retail stores all over the United St