Hyaluronic acid has been shown effective in improving vaginal moisture, vaginal itching, burning, and dyspareunia without the use of hormones. Pacific Roots Hyaluronic Acid Vaginal Dryness suppositories combine the amazing healing of hyaluronic acid with the benefits of and magnesium all in one daily suppository! Our 5mg hyaluronic blend has been recommended by hundreds of doctors to help those struggling with dryness and irritation. In addition, we added aloe, Vitamins A & E, and 30mg CBD (cannabidiol) isolate to make it the perfect combination of relief and comfort. These suppositories can be taken safely vaginally. We’ve formulated our Hyaluronic suppository blend for those needing moisture restored. Pacific Roots Hyaluronic Acid line of suppositories are THC Free.

  • Available in 10 or 30 count vaginal suppositories per pack
  • 5mg Hyaluronic Acid each suppository
  • 30mg active CBD each suppository, adding up to 300mg of active CBD per box
  • Magnesium each CBD suppository
  • Cocoa Butter Base
  • Hormone and Estrogen Free
  • Proprietary blend including aloe and Vitamins A & E
  • USA organically grown hemp
  • USDA Farm Bill compliant containing non-detectable THC at 0.0%
  • All natural
  • Vegan
  • Not habit forming
  • No added fillers
  • Made in a certified pharmacy
  • Third-party tested for hemp compliance and purity
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • CBDTQM certified, making our suppositories the highest quality on the market