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CBD Personal Care Products That Will Change Your Life

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning more about CBD and its benefits, especially when it comes to personal care. With CBD and hemp growing in popularity more each day, coupled with the many ways you can use and incorporate it means more exciting CBD personal care products available to users. Finding a suitable method for you will help you maximize your wellness-centered lifestyle. Here we go over a few popular and simple ways that you add CBD into your life that just might make it better!

Beginner’s Guide To CBD Personal Care Products

Researchers are still learning how different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant interact with our bodies. You’re likely familiar with THC and CBD, as they are the most popular and widespread. While THC produces intoxicating effects, CBD does not, making it a powerhouse as it provides many advantages without the “high.”

Let’s dive into some of the best CBD Personal Care Products you should start with if you’re a beginner or a CBD expert.


Many people get embarrassed, but we think CBD suppositories should be celebrated. Our simple ingredient suppositories are a fantastic way to get targeted CBD to your most sensitive areas. Our suppositories are safe to use either vaginally or rectally as they are made for optimal absorption and targeted delivery. Always check with your healthcare provider first, but there are many great reasons why people love them.

Abdominal and pelvic pain, pain or discomfort during intimacy, and more – suppositories work quickly and could potentially ease discomfort. You can monitor your dose by cutting one in half or using two, whichever you feel most comfortable with. If you’re a first-time user, we suggest starting with a light dose and then building up over time. Make sure any suppository you use is manufactured in a registered pharmacy and made with only pharmacy-grade materials.

At Pacific Roots, we have a line of CBD suppositories to help meet your specific needs.

CBD Personal Lubricant

CBD lubricant is quickly and indeed making a name for itself as a way for couples to add more relaxation to their intimacy. It could also be a game-changer for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, lower sex drive, or even discomfort during sex. Men also enjoy personal lubricants as a way to promote calm and relaxation and enhance pleasure. Couple with the calming effects of CBD, lubricant can help sex last longer and feel better.

Though research is still developing, CBD has been to know help with muscle relaxation and blood flow, which could all be relevant when considering using lubricants.

Try our 1oz 100mg Full Spectrum Personal Lubricant (Oil Based) or 1oz 100mg Nano Full Spectrum Personal Lubricant (Water-Based).

Full Spectrum Moisturizing Face Wash

An easy way to use CBD every day is a CBD-infused moisturizing face wash. We love the idea of using CBD in topical conditions to help you maintain skin condition and help support a natural and healthy glow, as CBD could contain beneficial properties that can aid in moisturizing dry skin.

Try our Sweet Orange Full Spectrum face wash for yourself and see if you see the difference.

CBD Patches

Another great CBD personal care product that we don’t think gets enough credit is transdermal patches. Our Transdermal Patches deliver gentle and targeted assistance in a discrete and easy-to-use patch. They don’t have a strong scent, so you can feel free to use them at any time and in any situation.

We have three different options for you to choose from so you can get CBD at any level. Try our CALM patches, with 30mg of CBD per patch, 5% menthol, and a sweet and relaxing peppermint scent. When you need an extra boost during your busy days, try our ACTIVE patches, with 40mg per patch, or our INTENSITY patch, which delivers 60mg of CBD per match and has 4% lidocaine.

Each pouch comes with four patches that are size 2 ⅞” x 2 ⅞” and made for extended wear. You can wear each patch for up to 48 hours, and each package is resealable for convenience. They are hypoallergenic and contain zero THC, meaning they won’t show up on a tox screen.

Your skin can only absorb so much CBD per day, so we’ve formulated our products for optimal absorption and targeted delivery. Unlike other CBD companies who overcharge you for high milligram patches, we keep it simple and pure and give you just what you need and nothing else.

Questions? Reach Out To Pacific Roots Today

There are so many different ways that CBD and hemp can be integrated into your wellness routine. Hopefully, we’ve helped you feel better equipped to decide which methods fit your needs best. Whether you’re using all of the above products, mixing and matching, or sticking with the one you know works for you, each product at Pacific Roots is simple and convenient.

Everything we make is made with you in mind. We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it, wellness is important to us, and we don’t take your health lightly. Our products are created with only the highest quality ingredients and are produced with extreme care. We ensure purity, potency, and effectiveness so that we exceed your expectations. Plus, we back everything we do up with third-party testing and product guarantees.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! We’d be happy to answer your questions, take in your feedback and suggestions, and help make sure you get what you’re looking for.

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