The Ultimate 2021 Hemp Cigarettes Guide 28Apr
By Pacific Roots

The Ultimate 2021 Hemp Cigarettes Guide

CBD and hemp cigarettes are some of the latest products gaining popularity in the cannabis and CBD industry. They are especially popular for those who already smoke daily but might be looking for alternatives or just as a means to add CBD into their routines.

While you might be familiar with traditional marijuana joints that contain high-THC, which are popular due to their psychoactive effects, CBD cigarettes offer a completely different cannabis experience. They provide the therapeutic benefits that are associated with CBD without the high you get from THC. Below we’ll give you our 2021 hemp cigarettes guide so that you know what to expect, why people love them, and some pros and cons that come with hemp smokes.

Smoking CBD – Your 2021 Hemp Cigarettes Guide

As CBD is becoming more widely accepted and popular, consumers are looking for new ways to ingest CBD on a more regular basis. Whether it’s tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more, others are looking for more immediate results. That’s where our hemp cigarettes come in. Keep reading for our 2021 hemp cigarettes guide, especially if you’re introducing CBD into your routine for the first time.

Smoking Hemp is Not the Same as Smoking Marijuana

Hemp flowers and full-spectrum marijuana do not produce the same effects. Like the hemp cigarettes we offer at Pacific Roots, Smokable CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of marijuana. They are primarily used as a form of wellness support to help promote calm and relaxing feelings. While marijuana contains both CBD and THC, hemp flowers contain little to no THC.

However, hemp-based CBD and marijuana are similar because they produce results faster when smoked than when ingested orally. Smoking CBD allows the cannabinoid to enter your system more quickly because your body doesn’t have to digest and process it first. Inhaled CBD travels from the lungs to the brain via the circulatory system, which means it can be felt almost immediately.

How Does Smoking Hemp Cigarettes Work?

When you smoke hemp cigarettes, you are introducing CBD and other cannabinoids into their circulatory systems. Inhaling allows it to quickly reach the brain and other parts of the body and movies to the endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found primarily in the central and peripheral nervous systems and the immune system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for helping the body maintain homeostasis, and CBD might be able to support this natural process.

Key Takeaways – Pros and Cons

Let’s break it down and go over some of the pros and cons that come with smoking hemp cigarettes.

Pro: Unlike tobacco and nicotine products, hemp cigarettes are made with pure hemp flower that is 100% natural and organically grown. They offer an authentic taste and an excellent aroma profile.

Pro: CBD is safer to consume and non-addictive. They contain no nicotine or any other addictive chemicals.

Pro: CBD cigarettes are ready to smoke right out of the pack; you don’t need to have any prior rolling experience.

Pro: Inhalation provides faster results than other methods of CBD consumption.

Pro: Hemp cigarettes are very affordable, especially compared to other products like gummies or oils.

Pro: Hemp is legal throughout the USA via the 2018 Farm Bill, which means CBD cigarettes can be ordered online anywhere within the states (note each state may set their own hemp laws).

Con: Smoking of any kind, whether it’s hemp or tobacco or cannabis, is not really good for the lungs.

Con: CBD cigarettes typically have to be ordered online as they are difficult to find in stores.

Order High-Quality Hemp Cigarettes From Pacific Roots

When you want the best hemp cigarettes on the market, you have to try those from us at Pacific Roots. They deliver the full entourage effect you’re looking for, meaning they have a rich profile of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. We have organically grown high-CBD hemp that is complemented with a botanically derived Pineapple Express terpene profile for a smooth smoke with a consistent flavor and a long-lasting effect. Rolled in our natural hemp paper using a biodegradable filter that is sustainably farmed in the USA, you’ll love how pure our hemp smokes are. With less than .3% THC and 3rd party tested, we bet you’ll love how easy it is to smoke our cigarettes.

Now that you’ve read our 2021 hemp cigarettes guide, we have two options for ordering our hemp smokes at Pacific Roots. Try our single pack of 20 individual cigarettes first, and then try our carton, which includes ten packs with 20 smokes each.

When you’re ready to order, we’re here to help! Try our hemp cigarettes today or browse through some of our other high-quality hemp products. Let us know if they work for you.


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