The Smokers Guide To CBD Smokes 28Apr
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The Smokers Guide To CBD Smokes

Are you a stress smoker or someone who needs several cigarettes throughout the day to cope with the struggles of life? Maybe a better solution would be a product that is becoming more and more popular to smokers – CBD smokes. CBD smokes, also known as hemp cigarettes, are generally sold in packs of 20 and utilize similar filters as tobacco cigarettes, but they don’t have any tobacco. Inside each is smokable hemp from high CBD strains. There are detectable amounts of THC in these cigarettes, but the amount is 0.3% or less, a level way too low for intoxication. As with any full-spectrum CBD product, these trace amounts might cause you to fail a drug test.

Let’s discuss all of the ins and outs of legal CBD smokes and why more and more tobacco smokers turn to them as an alternative.

All The Ins and Outs of Legal CBD Smokes

If you’re not concerned about drug tests but are simply looking for a smooth alternative to tobacco and nicotine, then hemp cigarettes might be what you’re looking for. They provide a similar experience with a calming effect that could mimic the calm that comes for those addicted to nicotine. We should point out that smoking of any kind is not safe, but research suggests consuming CBD may help you quit smoking tobacco by reducing your cravings for nicotine.

Let’s talk about the difference between CBD and THC and some of the pros and cons that come with CBD smokes.

Difference Between Smoking CBD and THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) have a lot in common. These are some of the most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants and can help with stress. They have the same chemical structure, but the main difference between THC and CBD comes down to intoxication.

CBD won’t get you high, as it is nonintoxicating, but it does provide a subtle calm feeling that many people are looking for. In contrast, THC can be intoxicating and produce a high feeling, even in small doses.

Why Smokers Love CBD Smokes

One of the main objectives of hemp cigarettes is to provide an alternative to smoking tobacco. More and more people are searching for the benefits of hemp and CBD without the addictive and harmful ingredients found in cigarettes.

Smokers love CBD smokes because they are familiar with the process. They come in the same box that they can pack; the filters feel the same, the weight is the same – everything is reminiscent of cigarettes from beginning to end. They can also legally be purchased in many locations, plus online.

Hemp cigarettes are not intended to get you high, and they don’t provide the same flavor as a joint filled with high-grade cannabis. However, they have a slight weed aroma, as hemp is just cannabis with very low amounts of THC. If you’re looking for healthier ways to replace your daily smoking habit, CBD smokes just might be the solution.

Pros and Cons of CBD Smokes

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons that come with hemp cigarettes. We know they aren’t for everyone, so let’s break it down to see if they are worth considering.

First, the main pro is that they provide an authentic cigarette experience. Each pack comes with 20 smokes with filters – you don’t have to have any rolling experience. They provide a natural source of cannabidiol, and they aren’t addictive like tobacco. There are no harmful chemicals added, and they contain less than 0.3% THC. They are federally legal as of 2018 and make an easy transition from traditional cigarettes. At Pacific Roots, our CBD smokes are made with industrial hemp, not trimmed buds.

One of the cons with hemp smokes is that they don’t contain the highest cannabinoid and terpene content that comes with other full-spectrum products. They also produce a faint weed smell that might be a turn-off for some smokers. Additionally, they might not satisfy your nicotine cravings. Lastly, they are not as widely available as tobacco cigarettes, and they could be slightly more expensive depending on your preferences.

Order High-Quality CBD Smokes For Pacific Roots

When you want the best hemp cigarettes on the market, try them from us at Pacific Roots. We pack the full entourage effect you’re looking for, which means they have a rich profile of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. All of our hemp cigarettes are made with organically grown high-CBD hemp that is complemented with a botanically derived Pineapple Express terpene profile for a smooth smoke with a consistent flavor and a long-lasting effect. You’ll love the natural hemp paper it’s rolled in and the biodegradable filter that makes for a smooth and easy smoke.

At Pacific Roots, we have two options for ordering CBD smokes. Try our single pack of 20 individual cigarettes first, and then try our carton, which includes ten packs with 20 smokes each.

If you have more questions or need help ordering, we’re here to help you! Contact us today or browse through our other high-quality hemp products.

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