Real Suppository Reviews That Will Make You A Believer 23Jan
By Brandon Manikowski

Real Suppository Reviews That Will Make You A Believer

At Pacific Roots, we’re passionate about harnessing the natural power of CBD to improve lives, and our CBD suppositories have been making waves in the wellness community. Don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in the real-life testimonials from our valued customers. These testimonials are a testament to the transformative potential of CBD suppositories, and in this blog, we’re excited to share their stories. Join us as we delve into the inspiring experiences of individuals who have incorporated our CBD suppositories into their wellness routines, finding relief, balance, and a renewed sense of vitality. Discover how Pacific Roots is making a positive impact, one suppository at a time, and how you too, can experience the life-changing benefits of this innovative CBD delivery method.

Read Some Verified Testimonials Of Our CBD Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for it! Read some verified testimonials of our most popular products — CBD suppositories. 

Vaginal Moisturizing Suppositories: 30mg CBD Isolate

Pacific Roots introduces a groundbreaking solution for vaginal dryness with our Hyaluronic Acid Vaginal Dryness suppositories. These innovative suppositories blend the remarkable healing properties of hyaluronic acid with the therapeutic benefits of magnesium, all conveniently packed into a daily suppository.

“Nice product.   Provides overnight relief for burning and dryness and doesn’t cause burning or other side effects like Estrogen cream.  Would reorder again.” — Verified Customer

“They really work to help lubricate the vagina to avoid dryness especially during intercourse.” — Verified Customer

“My pelvic floor therapist recommended these to me and they are great. Easy to use and they work. Highly recommend” — Verified Customer

“After menopause, things don’t work as great as they used to!  This product helps me keep my husband happy, if you know what I mean 🙂 It works great and the best part is it doesn’t have a weird scent like other brands do.  I love it!” — Maria Brophy

“I have been using for 2 months, in conjunction with continued usage of Estradial. I was doubtful, but after using for a few weeks, I noticed results that I can’t ignore. My goal is to slowly move away from Estradial and solely using these suppositories. I highly recommend for anyone using Estradial that wants to look at alternatives.” — Jen 

Wellness Suppositories: 50mg THC Free

Our hemp-based suppositories can be safely administered vaginally or rectally, following the guidance of your healthcare provider. Wellness Daily is meticulously crafted to offer a gentler approach to CBD supplementation, with a potent 50mg dose of CBD per suppository. Formulated with pure CBD and cocoa butter for optimal absorption and targeted delivery, our Wellness Daily suppositories contain nothing but what your body needs.

“Absolutely gives me the best relief from the internal spasms. Thank you. For a great product.” — Toni Nalepka

“I tried this product to help with my issue of pelvic floor. Since I have been using this I have had significant relief.” — Brenda Edmondson

“Simple ingredients, make me feel good about using this product!  If you have pelvic discomfort, these are a must.” —  Verified Customer

“I’m definitely a fan of this product. They are super relaxing and soothing to the pelvic tissues when they feel aggravated from too much tension. Going to continue to take until hopefully my pelvic symptoms resolve!” — Verified Customer

“These were prescribed for me by the pain clinic at Michigan Medical and I have found them to be very helpful. By eliminating or lessening the discomfort I had been experiencing, I have also been able to get much better sleep.” — Nancy Ozturk

Wellness Plus Suppositories: 100mg Full Spectrum

Our Wellness Plus Suppositories are our most potent dose of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) for when the Wellness Daily just aren’t cutting it. Harness the full power of the hemp plant with our pure and simple full-spectrum formula. 

“This product really helps me with what I suffer from, Tight pelvic floor muscles. It works to relax the muscles which can create real problems for me on a day to day basis! This is one of the only products that does not irritate my skin and can be very soothing!” — Verified Customer

“I’m a male, I use the 100mg full spectrum suppositories for my pelvic discomfort and I experience good relief soon after! They help me calm down my pelvic floor easily from a flare-up.” — Verified Customer

“I am not sure how many men have pelvic floor issues, but I am one of them. I have been on a mission over these last 18 months to find effective treatment for my pudendal nerve neuralgia. I recently tried the suppositories from Pacific Roots. I am happy to know there is a natural product to assist me in finding relief for this painful condition.” — Vincent Parker

“This stuffs the real deal. Well made product for the niche in need.” — Verified Customer

“I could not sit on a 4 hour plane ride without the help of these wonderful Wellness Plus CBD 100 mg Full Spectrum suppositories.  I’m able to travel and not be in pain.  It has changed my life.” — Terri Fargason

“I am very impressed with their product.  The inner peace and relaxation they bring is astounding.  I would recommend them to anyone with any kind of pain or just looking for a very relaxing feeling.  The delivery was quick and descreet.” — Verified Customer

Pleasure CBD Suppositories: 75mg Full Spectrum

Pleasure CBD Suppositories from Pacific Roots can offer several potential benefits for individuals seeking enhanced intimacy and pleasure. First, it can offer a more natural relaxation option to help you feel more at ease and comfortable during intimate moments. Pleasure suppositories might also help to heighten sensation by increasing blood flow to your most sensitive areas. Lastly, some individuals experience discomfort or tension during intimacy, and CBD’s relaxing properties may help alleviate these issues.

“Absolutely amazing, they have allowed for me to relax completely and improved my capacity to receive and climax in the most amazing way. 100% worth it.” — Michael McClain

“Loved these suppositories. Really helped my body relax.” — Ariana Hendricks

“My husband and I took them on vacation. It was the most intense sexual experience ever, I’ve never cum so hard. Totally one of the best purchases we’ve made.” — Michael McClain

“My pelvic pain specialist recommended these as a non-habit forming way to help manage my symptoms.  I am using them rectally and found that they very definitely provide relief.” — Verified Customer

“I was skeptical but I wanted to see what I was recommending to my patients. I have used them pretty regularly and I have noticed more desire and pleasure with each episode. I love them!!” — Julie Jones 

“I struggle with dyspareunia, and these have helped make sex enjoyable again. My partner and I  profusely thank you!” — Verified Customer

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