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CBD Whole Products You Can Incorporate Daily

Does it feel like everyone around you is talking about CBD? CBD oil is high in protein and omega 3’s, is vegan and eco-friendly and has been known to offer a myriad of health benefits. Though it’s still being heavily researched, doctors worldwide are pumping out studies that add to the evidence that taking CBD daily can lead to improved health and wellness.

Hemp extract, the primary ingredient in our CBD products, is derived from the hemp plant. It’s non-psychoactive (it won’t get you high), and it’s full of the cannabinoids that people are raving about. We have whole products that can be ingested orally, vaginally or anally, and topically. 

All of the whole products, or full-spectrum products, offered at Pacific Roots pack a rich profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for the “entourage” effect you’ve been looking for. We’ve formulated a high concentration of whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD that contains at or less than 0.3% total THC.

Let’s go a little deeper into a few of our CBD whole products that you can start using on a daily basis to add wellness, balance, and calm into your life.

Pacific Roots CBD Whole Products That Will Make Your Life Better

Here’s a brief product guide to get you started on unique products you’ll love to use every day!


Let’s start with edibles. Pacific Roots offers great-tasting CBD-infused products such as Vegan Gummies, Lemonade Tinctures, Honey Sticks, and Hemp Oil Tincture. If you’re just getting started with CBD, these are great choices.

First, our Mixed Berry Vegan Gummies are a fan favorite. You’re already used to taking gummy vitamins, so why not incorporate 25mg active full-spectrum CBD per gummy into your routine? 

Customers also love our Lemonade Tincture because it tastes excellent under the tongue or as a delightful addition to your drinks.

Speaking of drinks, why not incorporate CBD into your daily dose of coffee or tea with our CBD-infused honey sticks? It tastes like honey with all the powers of hemp you’re looking for. 

Lastly, we have Hemp Oil Tinctures that are pretty tasteless and can be added to food and drinks or taken right under the tongue.


Topical CBD whole products are another great way to get started with CBD if you’re not already using our products daily. 

We suggest starting with our hydrating orange face wash, which hydrates and refreshes you. Great for both morning and night, treat your skin with our pure and simple (and great smelling) formula!

Our athletes and hard workers love our muscle cream too. Soothe your sore areas with targeted ease of discomfort. Great for nightly massages or to use after a hard workout.


Want a discrete and targeted way to get the CBD you’re craving? Then, CBD patches are the way to go. We offer three different options to get exactly what you need – Calm, Intensity, and Active. Each one has a different milligram amount to match your needs. 


We’ve listed products a couple of times here, but we genuinely believe that consistent use of CBD can improve your overall wellness. Our suppositories include Wellness with 50mg of CBD, Wellness Plus with 100mg of CBD, and Wellness Sensitive with 30mg of CBD. With our plant-based suppositories, target the sensitive areas of your body that might be in need of assistance. Hemp suppositories are designed to get CBD into the bloodstream quickly by bypassing the body’s digestive system.

We’ve also included our tinctures, patches, and muscle cream. All of these whole products could be a way to improve your daily life. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll need to vary your dosage according to your needs. The key with CBD is to start low and go slow.


You might be wary of trying and incorporating CBD into your sex life. Still, there is lots of evidence being discovered that CBD might increase your pleasure and enhance your experience. 

Give our CBD lubricants a try, available in both water and oil-based options. We also have great pleasure suppositories to help take the relaxation even further.

Though not entirely related to intimacy, we’ve included hemp cigarettes into our pleasure line too! These are an excellent option for an alternative to tobacco and an easy and familiar way to introduce CBD into your routine.

Ready To Order?

All of our products are also available for wholesale! We know that the CBD industry is continuing to grow at fast rates, and consumers of all ages and demographics are seeking it out! When you’re looking to add CBD products to your business or add a new CBD line to your shelves, we would love to help!

Pacific Roots supplies the highest quality CBD products to four major markets: professional healthcare practitioners, smokable industry, adult entertainment retail, and CBD retail outlets.

The Pacific Roots wholesale program is designed to help healthcare providers, retail businesses, and entrepreneurs take advantage of the fast-growing CBD market by offering our premium products to them. 

Shop through all of our CBD whole products today and then reach out to us today to see if our wholesale program is right for you!


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